Chef Lando shares her culture rooted in holistic health by blending traditional culinary practices with her expertise as a "food as medicine" chef. She educates and inspires others to embrace the interconnectedness of nutrition, mindset, physical activity, environment, fun, community - basically everything.

Nearly all cultures, including colonial America, embraced postpartum rituals that included proper nutrition to support mother and child. Reviving these lost traditions is vital for the future health of all human beings and our planet.

Health is Wealth, Eat Nutrient-Rich!

FAMMá FARM specializes in frozen recovery meals designed for postpartum, illness, and overall wellness. With our team of chefs and nutritionists, we use unique, science-backed ingredients mindfully sourced that help restore, rather than deplete, our planet and our overall well-being.

FAMMá FARMs meals have been bundled for five main packages. They can also be purchased a la carte and stocked in your freezer for boosting overall immunity.

  • Postpartum Recovery Package

    Postpartum Meals are designed for optimal recovery using nutrient-dense and science-back ingredients.

  • Revitalize Package

    Revtalize meals are great for those with decrease in appetite, going through illness, or senior health.

  • Easy Digest Package

    Perfect for those going through severe illness or gut-related issues. Package contains soft foods like soups and porridges. It's a good addition to the Postpartum and Revitalize Packages

  • reTreats LUXE

    Lactation & Wellness reTreats are all gluten-free and made with quality ingredients and herbs to support body to improve lactation for breastfeeding moms and build overall immunity for everyone else!

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