How are FAMMá FARM meals crafted?

How are FAMMá FARM meals crafted?

How are FAMMá FARM meal bundles crafed?

..with great study, practice, and intention. And at its core, is biodiversity. Biodiversity is all the biological variety of life in the world.

Since the 1900s, around 75% of the genetic diversity of foods humans have consumed for millennia has been lost. Now, just three plants (rice, maize, and wheat) provide 70% of the world's energy intake! But multitude of studies have shown that to improve nutrient content and increase functional longevity, we must consume (and will thrive on) a large variety of plants and animals.

At FAMMá FARM, we use 7 different fungi, 6 different animal proteins, 12 different cruciferous vegetables, over 50 different herbs and spices, integrated 9 different kinds of potatoes, incorporated unique fresh greens like moringa, fenugreek, burdock, and kombu... and the list goes on and on.

Regenerative farming must rely on practices to promote biodiversity to create more fertile soil in which makes for healthier produce and healthier planet. That is why we plan to grown most of the ingredients in our meals on our own 19-acre farm.

"On a philosophical level, it's truly beautiful to know that with all the different varietals in life, and the more we consume an surround ourselves in makes for healthier and happier life."


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